Take Me Home Program


What is the Take Me Home Program?

The Take Me Home program is a database maintained by the Del Rio Police Department Communications Division for adults and children who may have difficulty communicating due to a developmental or cognitive disability. This database is only accessible to law enforcement personnel.

The Police Department's database includes a picture, disability information, physical description and emergency contact information for all registered individuals. If a police officer is dispatched to the disabled citizen's address as indicated on the application form for any reason, the police officer(s) will be made aware of the individual's mental capabilities. If a person in the Take Me Home Program is encountered alone by a police officer, or is reported missing, the officer can access the database by the person's name or description to locate their information. With this information at hand, the officer can appropriately assist the person.

This is a FREE service offered to developmentally and cognitively disabled citizens who live in and around the City of Del Rio and Val Verde County, Texas.

Who Can Enroll in Take Me Home?

Any adult OR child who may have difficulty communicating, due to a developmental or cognitive disability, while lost or in an emergency situation. These individuals tend to be at risk for wandering and may include people with disabilities such as Alzheimer's, autism, dementia, Down Syndrome, etc.

We ask that anyone enrolling an individual is either a family member, legal guardian or is turning in a signed registration form on behalf of the individual's family with their permission.

How Do I Enroll an Individual?

You can find the form here. Please fill out all information and mail in, or drop off, to the Del Rio Police Station.

Please include a recent, close-up photo (non-returnable) of the individual you would like to register. If you have questions about enrollment, you may call our

Drop off your enrollment forms here:

Marcela Spears
101 Lowe Drive
Del Rio, TX 78840