International Bridge Board

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It is the intent and purpose of this chapter to provide for the full and complete integration of all of the affairs of the Del Rio International Bridge into the regular framework and administration of the city, including but not limited to, the integration of the bridge's financial, purchasing, managing, fiscal, and employee policies. (Ord. No. 83-46)

Name Place Appointed Resolution Expires
Dora Alcala
1 01/29/2013 2008-73 05/2020
Alfred Delgado
2 08/12/2014 2010-131 08/12/2018
Frank Mendoza
3 09/09/2014 2010-131 09/09/2018
Al Cervantes
4 09/09/2014 2006-136 09/09/2018
Robert Garza
Mayor & Chairperson
5 06/2014 N/A 05/2018

Replacements shall serve four year terms except the Mayor's term shall coincide with the Mayor's term of office. No member shall serve more than two full four year terms. Replacements for Place #1 and Place #2 are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council by resolution. Replacements for Place #3 and Place #4 are appointed by members of the Bridge Board.