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2017 Christmas Tree Lighting Parade

  1. NO ENTRY FEE. PARADE THEME: A STORYBOOK CHRISTMAS. The deadline for submitting a parade entry is Monday, November 27, 2017.

  2. All entries are expected to arrive at the parade site at 5:00 PM; any entry not arriving by 5:30 PM will be restricted from entering the forming area. Parade promptly begins at 6:00 PM. Numbers will be assigned for the parade line up.

  3. All parade entries will be properly spaced by parade officials at the starting point (Ogden and Main). Please stay close to the entry in front of you until spaced by the parade officials at that time. While on the parade route, a distance of five (05) feet must be strictly maintained by each unit throughout the parade. This spacing will be strictly monitored to help eliminate “gaps”. Parade officials on the route have the authority to order entries to speed up or slow down. All marching and performing units must maintain a constant forward moving direction while on the parade route. Please help us to avoid “gaps” or “bunching” along the parade route.

  4. In the interest of safety, no articles should be distributed along the parade route. It is unlawful and strictly forbidden by City Ordinance for parade participants to throw, distribute, or give away any coins, candy, balloons, flyers, souvenirs or any other items. In addition, there should be no loud noises caused by discharging of firearms, cannons, fireworks, etc.

  5. All vehicles, flatbeds (for the use of bands), and floats should be decorated with skirting, flowers (silk, paper, etc.), streamers, crepe paper and lights. If the use of poster board is necessary, we ask that colored poster board be used. Entries should avoid using marker on poster board; writing should be done in glitter, etc. Only ONE SANTA will be allowed in the parade, which will be on the official City of Del Rio vehicle.

  6. All entries must not exceed twelve (12) feet in height and must be twelve (12) feet in length and width in order to maneuver the entries on the width of downtown city streets.

  7. No one is permitted to disembark from the float or tow vehicle until they reach the designated disbanding area. All floats must stay in their assigned parade line up position until completing the entire route. At the discretion of the Parade Officials, any entry unable to move or maintain its assigned position will be removed from the parade line-up or reassigned to the end of the parade.

  8. All marching/cheering units are encouraged to actively participate in the parade. It is recommended that participants be in good physical condition. We encourage all units to march, walk, dance, and cheer in the parade. Use of flatbeds of any kind to represent these organizations are not permitted unless they are fully decorated as a float (see float appearance requirements).

  9. The use of tow vehicles/semi-trucks is discouraged. Tow vehicles/semi-trucks must be completely decorated in coordination with the float.

  10. Political campaigning will NOT be allowed on the parade route. Any elected official is allowed to participate in the parade but should have no soliciting for re-election signs/posters in the parade. Any individual running for a political position CAN NOT CAMPAIGN in the parade or the entry WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  11. Float entries with live music or PA systems must indicate so on the entry. Failure to do so may result in repositioning in the line-up.

  12. Irresponsible or unsafe conduct, either before or during the parade, will be grounds for removal from participation. Any regulations and rules that are not adhered to will result in similar action.

  13. All judging for floats and vehicle entries will be judged promptly during the parade. Winners will be announced at Greenwood Park after the parade where Mayor Robert Garza will present the awards.

  14. Parade entries must not remove any decorations until they reach the official disbanding area (South Main & Nicholson Streets). Bands, marching units, etc. should wait until they have reached the buses.

  15. If you have any additional questions about your entry into the Christmas Night Parade, please contact Lori at or (830) 461-2518.

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  17. (Float, Marching Band, Car, Truck, etc.)

  18. Please provide all information that merits announcing (i.e. major awards, titles, drum majors, mascot, school colors, fund raisers, etc.). IT IS NECESSARY TO COMPLETE THIS INFORMATION TO BE RECOGNIZED AT THE GRAND STAND OTHERWISE WE DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!

  19. Although, safety is a major concern of the City of Del Rio, we will not assume any liabilities due to injuries in conjunction with the parade. I have received, read and agreed to comply with all the rules and regulations that govern our participation. I understand that violation of these rules will forfeit our participation. The undersigned agrees to participate in the City of Del Rio's Christmas Tree Lighting Parade to be held on Friday, December 1, 2017 at 6:00 PM in Del Rio, Texas. (Type in your whole name and the date).

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