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Facility/Park Reservation

  1. For those in basketball or volleyball leagues the deadline to request gym time for the Joe Ramos Center will be Monday, November 14th

  2. Agreement*

    I understand that I may be held financially liable for any damages that may occur to the Joe Ramos Gym/Hogan Field/UCO Field/Bill Jewel Field or any other Facility or. Park. Lessee Will: Ensure facility is not damaged Ensure all lights are turned off, emergency exits are properly closed, and bathrooms are working properly after each game and /or practice Immediately report any items needing repair to the Parks and Recreation Department. Pick up and dispose of all trash, sweep and/mmop if necessary. If there are any questions call 830-774-8541 / 830-774-8522 Monday thru Friday between 8am-5pm or 830-734- 4072 for nights and weekends. No cancellation/reschedule of dates unless requested in writing 1 week prior to original scheduled date.

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